Tire Position/Re-Torque on certain VMRS codes

The current Tire module is cumbersome to use especially when you have a big fleet, needing to have individual tires per unit. When a location removes a tire they track it on either a white board or hand written sheet as there is nothing in RTA that will allow them to track the tire position that was removed and what is needed to be re-torqued. The tire module has tire position but with 16,000 units and an average of 10 tires per unit this becomes unmanageable in the tire module. A tire that has been taken off and put back on has to have a re-torque as its a safety issue (we’ve had units with that have come off as a result of no re-torque). It would be nice to have a prompt when a tire is removed that the tire position can be added (tracked) and a corresponding re-torque line added to the WO.