Toggle in WO Module

I’d like to have the ability to toggle between Open WO and Viewing a WO.

For example, I open WO module and use F1 to lookup my shop ID and then select the desired ID. When I choose the WO I want to view I select it in order to review and read notes. Once I’m done and ready to get out of that WO I close it out. I then have to repeat all steps in order to return to that shop ID that I am wanting to look at. It would be nice if when you exit the WO it returned to that chosen shop ID’s WO listing so I could quickly keep reviewing/assigning.

You are speaking my language!

I think a lot of screens would benefit from that. I’ve even toyed with the idea of having the F1 list pop automatically and become the first screen you hit in the master records, kind of combining the prompt with the list screens.

Or another option would be a side by side list/detail view, where the list is on the left, and as you click on work orders, they open on the right in read only or edit mode, so you can quickly look at them, and move between work orders.

Web will use this kind of experience for sure.


I like both of those options. What about a pop-up (bubble) appearing that displays the complaint or WO notes when you hold the cursor over a WO within the listing.

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