User right/Switch to filter VMRS codes

I have a wish list item that can be very handy for those that operate multiple facilities. I operate multiple shops but only 3 of those shops focus on VMRS codes that are ATA related. We have other shops that have different specialized equipment along with our facilities maintenance department.

What we would like as a wish is to have a switch that would allow individuals to only see a group of VMRS codes. This could be done as a facility specific switch or individual user switch.

This will really facilitate errors made by users that are selecting incorrect codes and other problems.

Maybe a cross ref list that says show this VMRS in these facilities? And a way to set it in mass, rather than 1x1.

@edouglas would this help some of your locations?

Not sure i fully understand. If i’m a user and i’m logged into Facility X and working on a work order and im going to enter my VMRS code…at that time i select F1 on the WO screen, would it only give me the set of VMRS codes that i’m set up to see?

Or…can i create a preset that only gives me a selected set of VMRS codes?


How would a cross-ref list look like for a user in this example?

A little more global. You could do a preset today, but each user would have to set that up, until we work on the feature here: F1 Add ability to set global presets that all users could select

The way this would be different is that you would set up facility specific VMRS filters. So your vehicle maintenance shop would only see vehicle related codes, your facility maintenance shop would only see facility related codes, or in your case, your oil rigs would only see those codes that they use. They wouldn’t have to select a preset or set one up.

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Facility specific sounds way better!

Be sure to vote for it!