Vehicle Status add-on RTA Inspect

It would be awesome to see what drivers are in what vehicle. so when they login to rta inspect and do a report for a vehicle it updates the operator field to that user. and to make it easy a vehicle would have an auto log out time set up by admin for that car to prevent drivers not logging off the system.

I think this is a very cool idea. Updating the driver during the pre-post inspections would always give people in the shop a mostly accurate idea of who is driving the vehicle.

@JFree this may be a cool one to pitch for your team.

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I tried to see if we could get this earlier so that I could see if the person that was supposed to be in a bus was really the one that did the DVIR or if it was someone else. And if we could get the system to Auto log them off a bus like say after a set time would be awesome. That way another driver does not do use the old drivers ID. Great idea.

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they’re so many different things you can do that this being added to the application.