Vehicle status/availability status change outside of a work order when in automatic

It would be helpful if the Shop Foreman could change the vehicle status without opening a work order when the system is in automatic. This would assist with accuracy and flexibility when it comes to unit status, assisting the shop, dispatch and drivers. It would allow the unit to be available/not available for any situation that a work order is not required. It would also limit who could change the status.

Examples: Tech forgets to change status, field trips, activity runs, emergency dispatch, disinfecting units, shop training, driver training etc.

How would you like to see this? Would this be the singular status that you can just change with certain access rights?

If you override a specific status, when would it turn back to the other status? Is this something that has to be manually changed again?

Would separate statuses be better such as an operational status vs. maintenance status?

Yes, this would be something only certain access like the Shop Foreman, Operation Manager or Fleet Manager could change.

It would depend on the situation. If a tech forgets to change the status on the work order to out of service/ not available the shop foreman or fleet manager could correct (change status). Then when the line was completed it would go back to available. If the status was chanced without a work order it would need to be changed back manually.

Possibly. What I have done in the past is have a status display in our dispatch/operations office. They can see what units are available or not available in real time. The issue is if the shop has a unit that’s down and the tech has not changed the status or the unit is not available without a work order (field trips, activity runs, emergency dispatch, disinfecting units, shop training, driver training etc. ) There is no way to change the status to inform dispatch, operations or the shop that the unit is not available.
In our case i’m not sure there would be a need for a separate status
For us the information need to go both ways. The shop need to know if a unit is not available just like dispatch or operation needs to know it’s not available do to the shop having the unit for maintenance.