Vehicle Status information

When the vehicle status changes, currently there is no other information on what, who, or when that change occurred. The idea would be to add some more data points that would describe the status changes. A source, whether from Vehicle record or WO, if from a WO, what WO# and Line changed the status, a last changed date stamp, a user stamp that changed the status, and maybe a previous status as well.

Along the same lines, it would be nice to have a status history table that would log this information as the statuses changed so that we can go back and look at it to determine time that vehicles were unavailable.

I’ve noticed there were several related posts for Vehicle Statuses, and figured I would append them to this post for visibility. I would also like to see vehicle status module receive some attention, similar to how the Driver Reports viewer got an overhaul.

Vehicle Status Changes - Product Ideas - RTA Feedback (

Also, I would like to see this module available through RTA web. Most of our departments have dedicated displays in each facility setup for displaying dispatch or other information. Since most everything we utilize on these thin clients are web based in some form, it would increase visibility to include RTA web, as the remote desktop is a no go for us on these devices.

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Thanks Daniel, I am actually already creating a pitch for this that will be brought to executive team. Here’s hoping it gets selected!


web based would actually be amazing! we do the same thing and with the time restraints it always logs out and setting it back is frustrating. GREAT IDEA

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