View Open PO lines assigned to current WO Line

On the work orders you have a space to type in a purchase order number. Would like to see when you create a purchase order and type in the work order number and line number that this automatically populate to the work order and it would help with look up in history.

When using auto post to WO from PO, and a PO line is still open that references a WO line, you are are alerted when trying to close the WO line. It would be good to see the PO# involved from the WO screen, or somewhere without having to run the PPI report to find it.

Imported from [WISH-90] WO If using auto post from PO, show PO in WO line info

This has been a complaint from several customers. You get stuck trying to close a WO because you can’t find the PO that has the open line. The data is stored in the background. It would be nice to display it for users.

Currently you can “lock” a Work Order line open by linking it to a PO the parts are being ordered on. If you were to try to close the line it pops up that there are open PO lines. I do not see anywhere on the Work Order end of things where/how to find out what PO lines are open. Is there somewhere that shows this?

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looking for a report, that when a work order is waiting on parts, that would show the work order number and the purchase order number when they ordered the part and linked the WO number to the PO

We've been asked for something similar when we pop the info msg that a wo line has an open PO line, this would be the report equivalent of that. I'm not sure which file would be faster to drive off of, but we'd only need to show WO/PO lines that have an open PO line with a WO Line filled in.

They've agreed to the following generic layout:
Wo line info PO Line info
wo line info po line info
wo line info po line info

Items to possibly include:
WO #/line #, VMRS, Job Description, Mechanic, Part Number, Part Description, WO Date Created, WO Last Update date

Imported from [WISH-118] Open WO Lines with Parts On Order Report

This would be a great time saver in searching for the purchase ordered. also it would be nice to see the po number also on the parts master file on “on order quantity”. or a way of clicking on the quantity and see the po’s on back order.

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I use the PPI. Under Parts/Purchase Orders/Print PO. Select Open and lookup your WO#.

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This feature has been delivered in the build!