Voice Driven PM Inspections/ commands

Good morning, I’m new to this forum. I placed a call to the great folks at RTA this moring. My company uses Voice in our distribution centers for order assembly. I have been working with some of our other partners in bussiness and learned that Honeywell has the ability to integrate Voice with miantenance systems. Our company would like to see if Voice can be integrated with RTA for the purpose of completing vehicle PM’s. We feel this would bring a higher level of consitency in the process, improve productivity, improve mechanic efficency.
We have met with Honeywell and they have integrated the software with other maintenance software already.

Are you just looking at dictation, or something deeper? We’ve done a little R&D with popular voice assistants, but the noise in the shop, and having multiple techs using voice was a challenge that the technology wasn’t quite ready for yet. However, if you are just looking at dictation, we’ve had several people use tools like dragon speech, and they are able to record their notes etc. that way instead of typing it up. When notes is released for paperless shop mobile, you’ll be able to use the native voice to text tools on iOS and Android.

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