What are your fleet goals for 2019 and for 3 years from now?

During Josh’s keynote today he asked each of those in attendance to share with us your 2019 and your 3 year goals for your fleet. We’d would love to hear what your goals are so we can support one another and be that your accountability partner.

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@joshturley @dperkes
1 year goal: Update shop rate. Our current rate hasn’t been updated in years. Need to work on understanding all of the items that need to be compiled to update to an accurate rate.
2 year goal: Ability to do a PM in one day. Currently will pick up an assigned vehicle in the morning and get the vehicle PM’ed, washed, fueled, and returned but it taked a full 24 hours before it’s returned. Would like to have it occur in the same work day.
3 year goal: Create a billing report for all departments in one Crystal Report (currently pulling numerous reports into an excel sheet and sending individually to departments).

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Angie, what are all the reports you have to pull together for your department billing?

I’ll send you the reports in outlook.

2019 goals: Focus on doing the tasks/projects that only I can do as director and delegate other tasks. Improve productivity percentages within our team. Measure efficiency within our team & set goals to improve. Hold our team members accountable for their metrics.

2 year goal: Measure our VEU’s and get our costs at or under the national average.

3 year goal: Be a Top 100 Fleet.

Thanks for this challenge Josh!