What do you wish you knew when you first started?

A lot of our users are just starting off managing fleets or getting their head around their jobs. Others are taking over for someone who has retired and are trying to grow in their new role.

What advice do you have for some of them, and what do you wish you knew when you were first starting off?

That there are operation and reports linked to certain VRMS code’s, repair types, ect. I wish I had contact RTA before deciding to use some of these code and fields for other things.


Did we have implementation assistance when you bought the system? I know that was one of the things we were trying to help with.

Maybe have a switch for a user to help guide you to make work orders, PM’s. The “how to” do all these items. It could serve as a quick reminder for new users. It could give you guidance/reminders of the F-1 button, how to start a new line. What is a VMRS code and how to use each step of creating a work order. When I first learned one of the Window upgrades they guided you through certain aspects of the system.

Still trying to wrap my head around all these acronyms…

Short version: Unless you have an RTA guru thats been there for years, don’t make changes until you REALLY know what was changed before you!

This is from a shop that used RTA for years. When I started, the job had been vacant for months. The fleet manager gave me what he knew and I started to do what he had shown me. There were/are lots of things that had been changed over the years. There is several versions of sorting of vehicles. We are a 1 location/garage shop. There are 7 facilities, 9 departments etc etc. The PM system soon became a big problem. I worked the problem and stole from the poor help desk at RTA heavily. I got things better but still not right. The manager called the one that use to do the job in a conference call. The “working good” PM system was that he went into each w/o and changed the PM VMRS for every PM w/o. Once I realized that NONE of it was right, I stopped trying to copy what was there and I started from scratch.

If you are coming into RTA without knowing its history, be very careful about your changes. Learn, read, ask questions to the others using RTA and the RTA helpdesk. If your a database type, use the export to look over the data and how it fits together. There was more than once I looked at a field and just shook my head. But the more I looked the more I understood.

Just remember to look before you leap. Also before you call the helpdesk make sure you know what you want from them. The best answers come from asking the right question.

Good Luck


I started in 2012 learning RTA on my own. It is a very intensive software and I am still learning. But the support at RTA is top notch and they help alot. Best thing I can say to you, is if you dont know, call RTA. They will help.

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