What was your AHA! moment?

At RTA Connect next week I will be spending a few minutes talking about AHA! moments with RTA. What is an AHA! moment? It’s that moment when you have the sudden realization that investing in the software and partnering with us in your fleet management journey was worth it. It could be a time when you realized how much time you saved, how much money you saved, or how better off you are now than when you started.

Hopefully, you’ve had more than one of these eureka experiences with RTA.

I would love to know what those moments are. We want to celebrate with you and help other customers experience those same moments as quickly as possible.

Please share here in this topic with as much detail as your are comfortable providing. I’m looking forward to hearing your successes!

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Centralized parts, i wish i would had turn on the switch for centralized part prior of going live. But now it bitting us, because we are having issue trying to sync and organized our data. This will save us lots of time in the future, once we get our data in our 3 facility with over 50,000 parts number between facility and 900 supplier. The other switch that we just turn on is the warranty, i know we can get lots of saving with this. However our biggest concern is how to start using it with active units (where do you start?).

Thanks @steven.lambert!

For getting started with Warranties, do any of the points in the “Tips” section of this document help? https://rtafleet.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/HK/pages/361293/Warranties

This is just RTA in general.
I have been in my current job(local Government) for 15 years.
Prior I had been turning wrenches for various dealerships and they all had some form of fleet management.
Here we were still doing things on paper in triplicate! (Can you say carbon paper!)
I had started the conversation about acquiring RTA in 2006 with Jan Smith! After getting the quotes and all information to purchase I forwarded up the chain. After running into walls for three years, I handed all my info and documents to the Superintendent and pretty much gave up…
Imagine my surprise in 2016 when I was informed that we would be acquiring an SQL subscription with RTA. My only disappointment was that the credit wasn’t given to Jan(sorry Bud!)
I have become the point man here for RTA, although sometimes I feel like I’m in over my head.
It’s times like that when I have to give a BIG UP’s to the support desk and all who work there.
Still learning and hoping to bring my department into the 21st Century!