When to make up new work orders off of PM inspections

Should a person make up a new work order for every issue found on a PM inspection or repair on same work order. If not put out of service I reschedule and use vehicle. Or should a person keep the PM inspection WO open and keep issues on that work order with new lines?

Thanks for your feedback Tom. The industry best practice is to separate the PM inspection process from the repair process. The justification for this is to drive consistency in standard repair times (SRT). For example, you may have a PMA that usually requires 1 hour to conduct the inspection (checklist) if no defects are found. If defects are corrected during the PMA inspection process on the same WO then you risk maintaining any time standards like the 1 hour for the PMA. So after creating the PMA WO, I would always recommend opening a second WO to complete the PMA repairs found. This way the second WO lists the repairs by specific VMRS code and unrelates them to the PM so you can compare the repair SRT to the same task if it’s related to another RFR like a roadcall, etc. Make sense?

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