WO/Line Notes - Lock Edit @ WO Close

Ability to have the line and/or work order notes locked when the line and/or work order is closed. Currently ALL staff are able to go in and make adjustments after a WO is closed. Ideally would like to have these closed with the option to edit depending on your role (or a level 2 passwo

If a date/time/employee stamp could be added that would be great too.

This is an issue over in our facilities. Anybody can go and edit any line notes as they please. Here is a scenario that sometimes happens:
Partsman enter an invoice for repairs done for OL and OP and closes the line.
Mecanic goes into the WO, sees a line for the same VMRS Code he needs and adds his story to the line instead of creating a new line.
What about this scenario:
Truck loses tire on highway. Mecanic goes into line note and changes the mecanics name to someone elses to avoid being blamed. We ask mecanics to initial their repairs.

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