Work Order Close Date

I would like to see the close date on a work order separate from the posting date. When closing a work order it would default to the current date unless a level 3 password is entered to override.

Since we don’t always enter repairs in real time, I would like for the date I provide when the work order is generated, or the date the mechanic generates it in paperless shop, to be the default closing date. It’s very rare that the date generated isn’t the date the work is done, but there may be a lapse between work completion and actually closing the work order (waiting on supporting documents, questions for mechanic, etc). And, since we jump in and out of a work order several times before we’re done with it, I wish that date would remain the default close date unless a level 3 password user wanted to change it. In fact, I don’t need 4 or 5 dates. I only need to know the date repair was performed.

Do you have work orders with multiple repairs on them at all? Where some repairs may be finished on day 1, others are completed on day 2, etc? We store a repair history date at the line level, but if you are still updating it then the date the line was closed is typically the history date as well.

We like to keep it simple. Even if a repair or inspection takes several days to complete, and we work within several systems with multiple mechanics, it’s all lumped in and the completion date is what we need in our vehicle maintenance log. The issue exists because we have a central person (me) who looks at all work orders across seven locations, making sure they are coded correctly, adding any notes that may be needed, gathering copies of all corresponding invoices, etc., before I close the work order out. It’s not closed out until I am really, really, done with it.

Do you close the lines too, or does the mechanic, then you just close the overall WO?

Mechanics close the line because I can’t stop them, especially when they enter transactions. So, I spend a lot of time reopening lines to correct them, to add transactions mechanics didn’t add, and to force the close date I want reflected in the vehicle history report. Sometimes automation in software complicates things from where I’m sitting, especially when there’s not a huge margin of flexibility for the user.

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@PAUL @ginnyjones573
We recently released an update to the posting date information found on version 7.4.0. Wanted to see if this was in line with what you guys were asking for!

Jared Turley