Work Order Notes

It would be nice to have more lines in the work order notes. Having only five lines available you are unable to get all your notes typed in on larger jobs.

You are talking about the master notes? You have unlimited line notes which is what we normally see used for the narrative on the specific jobs. Master notes are usually a brief summary or specific call to action for the customer or operator.

With that in mind, how many would you want to see?

Hi Josh: Yes Master work order notes, when we close out a work order the WO Master Notes only supplies us with 5 lines so if you could add 10 more lines or make it unlimited if possible. I can only assume that this is where most of us finishing work orders are trying to put our notes in, because this screen opens up when the work order is closed. Also when the techs do go into the software to look up history they look up the vehicle then history, and the WO order notes at the top is what they go after.

Thank you, David