Would like to have PM Notices go to more than one email

Would like to be able to add multiple email addresses to a department so the PM notices that are generated go to more than one person.

Something we’ve seen done is creating an alias group, then adding those people to the group. Though sometimes going through IT to make these changes can be more difficult than it’s worth.


I am pretty sure that email addresses can be concatenated with semicolons in the recipient field. It might be nice, however, to have a more intuitive way of entering multiple addresses when desired.

We do have email groups and that is a fairly simple and effective way to do it. We also have ability to create our own email groups without IT involvement; this makes managing the group easier, like when it must be edited due to personnel changes. Try creating and saving a new email group to see if you have access to that feature. Then test it of course. :slight_smile:

See this thread for related discussion on email notifications: Add some customization options for auto-notify emails

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Thank you Eric and Josh!

We’ll give those a try and see if one of them works for us. We use groups in email now. I think the person that makes the group has to make the edits, so we’ll try using the semicolon in the field first.

Even if it’s additional maintenance it will still be quicker than resending all the reports to the additional parties each month.


@joshturley What about notifications being sent to mobile devices. Most of our drivers do not have email. It would be great if text messaging was an that’s considered for future enhancement.

@bwgstr We’re definitely considering text messaging. Also, as we move forward with the mobile app we are considering mobile app notifications as well. Would that be helpful for your drivers?

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@dperkes That would be a good option, perhaps more so for managements use. It may be a better option for the drivers if they were to only receive a standard text message. Simple is always better for most drivers.

Not sure if this is still possible, but I used to email text messages to cell phone users. You might need to get with your company cell carrier to get the email address format, or else look it up since this info is posted on various websites. In general, it’s something like 8005551234@vtext.com (mobile phone number @ carrier’s text message domain) and then you can email the text to that. The recipient might get email headers as part of the message, however, as extra clutter. I don’t remember the details but it might be something to experiment with.

RTA uses your currently installed email program to send the messages so you need to look at MS Outlook or whatever you use, and possibly tweak a few things to properly integrate this communication form with RTA. This reply doesn’t fully address the matter since right now it’s hard to select from a large number of possible recipients within RTA. For some users, this approach might nonetheless at least create an opportunity for further exploration of enhanced communication through the fleet software.

In case it’s not obvious, you don’t use any of your mobile text or data–assuming you even have a limit–when sending messages this way. A test message would be needed to see if it’s usable.

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