WW Expansion to Parts Reservation

Mechanic Parts Request Form

To Whom it may concern:

We're currently using the attached order form for our mechanics to request parts/information etc...regard parts that they're diagnosing as problems on vehicles. Sometimes they have a work order, sometimes they don't, sometimes they have/know a part number, sometimes they have no clue and can only provide a description.

With the information the mechanic's provide me on this sheet, I'm able to use the VIN# to call the appropriate vendor and get the correct part number. I'm also able to check RTA to see we already have this part number in our system, do we have material in stock or do I have to order, or have to create the part number and then place order?

If there were a place in RTA where we could tie the basic information together, i.e., part numbers in our system versus the requested part by the mechanic, it would save a great deal of time and would be much neater then having mechanics writing down their requests on this paper form and my coming back to update it. With the VIN# and description, I can determine the correct part, and then go back to put that part number in the column left open by the mechanic, if we have stock it could alert us not to re-order, if we don't have stock it could automatically requisition?

It would make for a much cleaner work environment and would keep all parts request tied to individual mechanics, vehicles, work orders and dates? When the part comes in and is received through RTA, it would automatically alert us that this particular part was ordered for a particular vehicle on a particular work order, and we'd better be able to schedule that vehicle in for repair.

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