WW Part Reservation- Notify Tech of stock on hand

Bill would like a notification added to WW Part Reservation stating whether or not there is part quantity on hand. Right now we can "reserve" parts even if there is stock on hand with no notification to the tech. Bill would like a pop-up of current on-hand stock similar to the pop-up we have for where to pull the part from. This could also pull stock on hand from other Facs so a Fac Transfer could be performed instead of a Requisition.
Would also like an external email notification for when Reserved Parts are received via PO.
Bill wrote:
We've been using the parts reserve function and we ran into an issue this morning that I was hoping someone could explain to us.
When a mechanic "reserves" a part/parts, why doesn't RTA alert them to know that the parts are existing in stock and don't need to be ordered? We have parts on the "shelf" that are not "stocking" parts, but we "keep" 1 or 2 for emergency. When a mechanic goes to "post" a part on a work order, RTA does tell them how many are available in the system and he can "post" the appropriate amount. Currently, a mechanic will reserve a part, it will go directly to our requisition and I'll automatically order the part when I don't necessarily have to.
In addition, when a mechanic will "reserve" a part, and another mechanic comes up and needs the same part only for a different application, will RTA let the 2nd mechanic charge out the 1st mechanic's "reserved" part?
Please advise, I'm curious to see if this makes the perfect amount of sense that I think it does ![|16x16](upload://Asyz2rBIK4sj8j775UHmci95P3z.png)

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